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P. J. Hussey & Associates Inc. is an honest and family based company, and Ellacia is not just a manager she is a friend. They are very professional all the way around but still a very easy to talk to company that is down to earth. This company has followed through on any and all concerns or questions that I have had very fast and with little hassle. They have been willing to work with me at times financially which really helped me out and made me feel like a real person not just a number. My son absolutely loves Ellacia as she is the one that brought him a stocking with cars and toys at Christmas. Even though P. J. Hussey & Associates Inc. has been here less then a year they already mean a whole lot to me.

-Larry MacFarlane


I appreciate P.J. Hussey & Associates attention to detail. Our old management company did not respond to our e-mails, they failed to find tenants for our units and they did not keep a watch on our property, which resulted in our property getting vandalized. When P.J. Hussey took over, they fixed our property quickly and they found good tenants who pay their rent. P.J. Hussey always returns our phone calls and they monitor our property to make sure it is kept in good condition. We are so pleased to have found a company we can trust. Thank you P.J. Hussey!



P. J. Hussey & Associates took on management, repair, and renovation of our neglected under-performing out-of-state investment 4-plex with only 25% occupancy, multiple evictions, damage, & even break-ins. Immediate steps were taken to clean up the property, uncover issues, and mitigate the damage. Within days, a dissatisfied tenant was made happy and neighbor conflicts were averted. Repairs and renovations were completed within a couple of weeks. In under 3 months we went from negative cash-flow, evictions, and damage expenses to 100% occupancy. Well done.


My husband and I are buying some investment homes in Phoenix so we paid it a visit. When we were there we drove around and also interviewed a few property management companies with A+ BBB ratings. That was how we met Andrew from P.J. Hussey & Associates. After we came back, both my husband and I felt that the most valuable thing from this trip is that we got a chance to meet Andrew. Our first impression that he is someone you can trust and that he is straight to the point. So far, we have acquired quite a few properties there and have asked Andrew to take care of all of them. We still have the same impression of Andrew and we are very happy to have him on our team.